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2016 Finishes


Fortunate Traveller - Teresa Wentzler
Lady Of Shallot - Teresa Wentzler
Midsummer Night Fairy - Miriabilia

My Bio

I live in Western PA with my sweetie Mike. I moved to PA in June of 2003 from Michigan.  I graduated from Geneva College with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in May of 2015.  Found an accounting job in July of 2015 that I love.  Bought a new home in January of 2016.  

My Hobbies

I have been cross stitching since about the age of 13, Learned to knit from my mom when I was very young. Love to cook! My mom also taught me to sew when I was very young but didnt really get my love for it until in my 30's. Ive been an avid reader since I can remember. I also like to play games on Pogo. I used to host backgammon tournaments on msn zone till they closed down there classic game rooms.

My blog

  1. Just stuff

    06/29/07 15:08:27 | 0 Comments

    I'm sitting here waiting for a family to come pick up there puppy.
    I lost 12 puppies to parvo virus. No idea how we got it. Vet said that someone could of brought it in with them when they came to see the puppies. We have never had anything like this happen. It was emotionally and finacially devistating.

    After a long slump of no stitching I did do a little stitching last weekend on Winter by Just Nan. I didnt do a lot but I did do some.

    I was just looking at my goals...


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Fortunate Traveler
Midsummer Night Fairy
Garden Gate
Guardian Angel - Finished in 2015
Lil Snap Dragon - Finished 2016

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